Friday, August 29, 2008

Wasilla, Alaska - Pop. 6715

How in the world did McCain come up with his Veep pick. The rumor on the tubes is that he picked a woman to try to get more Clinton supporters on board. As a Clinton person I am insulted. One just because women voted for Clinton and it was kind of a woman thing does not mean you can just throw out a woman and we'll follow. We are not birds on a crumb trail. This is not A Field of Dreams the Presidential version -pick her and we will come isn't how it works. Do you think we are so shallow that we say yippee she has boobs lets not even look to see who she is and what she has done.

I am not sure what is going on over in the McCain camp but to me this seems kind of like the Paris and Brit ad - a half you know what attemp that over simplified things rather than really looking at what is going on.

Don't insult femminists!!! I wonder if this will do more to unify the party than the work of the DNCC.

Invesco Field - Bronco Statute

I felt this one deserved its own post. I was sitting right below the horse on top of the stadium and it was really scary. It was completely anatomically correct in an unnecessary and kind of inappropriate way. It was all I could focus on for awhile - it was super creepy.

Invesco Field

Oh I have so many things to say about this experience that I don't know where to start. First, I am generally going to layoff of the corny inspiration BS. I think we all know the event was moving and was even more moving and uplifting in person. The tributes to MLK only increased the meaning of the day. It was beautiful, packed and energetic. That being said I want to share some insights that likely were not on tv.

1) The line in and out was miserable. Here is my question - didn't they think about this ahead of time and why did they act like they have never had that many people there at one time before. WTF?!?! You hold football games and concerts there. I get this was tighter security but really it was insane. The line in was so long and hot that I literally saw fights about whether people were cutting or not. A group of elderly women almost had it out with a group of young girls over this issue. The old ladies literally grabbed on to a fence and physically pushed the girls back and made a baricade. It was crazy. Then on the way out they fixed the traffic pattern so virtually every person had to funnel over this tiny footbridge. Again WTF?!? You knew there would be 80,ooo people was there really no better way.

2) Going with the traffic issues - losing your group in that scene is miserable but here is at tip. When they give out the same American flag to all 80,000 holding up the flag about your head and telling your group via cell phone you are the one holding up an American flag is ineffective because 80,000 people also are holding up American flags.

3) Stock food people - I tried to get chips with my burger but the delivery truck forgot to come. It took 45 min to get a back of popcorn. I guess the vendors were all DNCC volunteers so the explains some of it.

4) Finally someone sitting my row ripped the biggest loudest fart right in the middle of a serious quiet point in the speech. Listen people just a tip if you are at an event with that much applause and cheering hold the fart until such time as that noise will cover it.

America's Best Value Pictures

There will be no pictures of the Econo Lodge on Colfax as I don't want to post adult content : )

From one ghetto to another

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, but the security has been so tight that I couldn't take my laptop with me and then we weren't getting back until really late. Also on Wed, I was a complete bum and I feel asleep in the hotel room during Biden's speech.

The big news of Wed was moving hotels. I had been staying in Longmont at an America's Best Value Inn which while certainly a value but if is the country's best value we are screwed. It was clean and had hot water so whatever but it was hella far away from the action. It was a 45 min car ride min.

LaRue is a rock star and found an econo lodge in Denver that is maybe 15-20 blocks from the action. So four of us moved here.....but apparently we traded rural truck stop ghetto fabulousness for city ghettoness. There are two 24 hour adult stores across the street from us that advertise things I have never heard of. Furthering this thought is the fact that an CO state senator told the boys to avoid the girls on Colfax and The Onion's convention edition joked about the prostitutes here...oh well. The hotel and area is currently pretty safe as it is overrun with DNCC attendees but I don't think I will be staying here on a return trip.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harold Ford Jr.

I am starting to realize that my blog is about clothes and appearances but whatever that is what I like - and on that note. We saw Harold Ford Jr walking down the street today. And I just have to say he is an incredibly good looking and well dressed man. But my favorite part was that he was in this crazy sharp gray suit and it was lined in Tennessee orange silk. I loved it because I could totally see some crazy Ohio person do that with Scarlett.

sorry no pictures of these people today but my camera was in the bottom of my bag and we were rushing places. I'll do better tomorrow I swear.

She is just as hot in person

So for those of you who have often drooled over Dennis Kucinich's wife (my husband included) I just want to report that she is in fact as hot in person. I saw her and the Congressman in the Pepsi Center last night after his speech. They were incredibly cute actually all cuddly and in love.